Know more about our project and how to join. Click on the image below and read our Manifesto:


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317 Responses to “Welcome to IntelliMen”

  1. bukhosi 20 days ago

    wish God will help me to be intelligent

  2. martin maposa 20 days ago

    i am joining. i will be commited

  3. faith and courage work togather.

  4. alexmoses 16 days ago

    i really have no time to begin my second challenge and id pray to my lord to help me finish up areal man.

  5. Name (required) 14 days ago

    intellimen has really helped me very much am very thankful

  6. mthobisi emmanuel ngcobo 14 days ago

    THOKOZA I really like the number of people who joined the intellimen group keep it up THOKOZA I like it

  7. I join intellimen today and I vow to commit myself to the challenges

  8. When I was a boy I use to think like a boy, reason like a boy, do things like a boy. But now I am the Man I must think like a man, reason like a man and do things like a man. I take this opportunity to join intellimen because I want to be a different man who will do things different also with intergrity.


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