Know more about our project and how to join. Click on the image below and read our Manifesto:


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315 Responses to “Welcome to IntelliMen”

  1. bukhosi 13 days ago

    wish God will help me to be intelligent

  2. martin maposa 12 days ago

    i am joining. i will be commited

  3. faith and courage work togather.

  4. Name (required) 7 days ago

    intellimen has really helped me very much am very thankful

  5. mthobisi emmanuel ngcobo 7 days ago

    THOKOZA I really like the number of people who joined the intellimen group keep it up THOKOZA I like it

  6. I join intellimen today and I vow to commit myself to the challenges

  7. When I was a boy I use to think like a boy, reason like a boy, do things like a boy. But now I am the Man I must think like a man, reason like a man and do things like a man. I take this opportunity to join intellimen because I want to be a different man who will do things different also with intergrity.


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