To know more about our project and how to join. Click on the image below and read our Manifesto:


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374 Responses to “Welcome to IntelliMen”

  1. farai molefe 5 months ago

    challenge#1 done im an intelligent man and so I accept the challenge to improve everyday.My buddy is Tinotenda Chisaya

  2. challenge 5#:What I learnt about this task is that wearing a trouser doesnt mean tha you are just a man but it shows that you have an image of a man, but what defines a man is when he takes action and doesnt worry about the outcome in a nutshell he lives decision making and lives on principle by honouring his trousers.

  3. I join intellimen bcs i need to develop in my mind

  4. robert odongo 4 months ago

    its my first time, intellimen project can really promote positive altitude a mong men. as men lets be active inthe project and change our communities, spiritually, socially and economically. my buddy is pastor jone

  5. Sibusiso 3 months ago

    Challenge #1..done i accpt each nd evry challenge and again my buddy is mpho mokhina.

  6. sobalise nokrayo 3 months ago

    challenge#1 is done i`m an intelliMen and so i accept the challenge to improve everyday. my buddy is kuhle april.

  7. Bp I accept th challenge,my buddy is Vuyisani

  8. Temba Goniwe 2 months ago

    This is the first time to join the intelliman I have a partner my is Sipho

  9. hello bishop just wanted to thank you for this project i have read the blog and i am willing to undergo the challenges for me to improve as a man of god in order for me to be a better man and servant to my jesus thank you

  10. I join intellimen to be a better man

  11. i want to improve my self.
    and I am willing to undergo the challenges that you have to become a real man and servant of God.

  12. I am an intelliman so I accept the challenges. My buddy is Godfrey Mazibuko.

  13. Manota Godfrey 2 weeks ago

    Challenge #1,,done!!I accept the challenge to improve everyday.My Buddy is Stanley Kasian…it looks very challengable one,but am ready to go to the end because am intellman

  14. #desafiointellimen 1:- Sou um homen intelligente e por isso aceito o dessfio de melhorar a cada dia. Meu Parceiro Official e Sr. Siney Souza.

    Pleased to a party to the INTELLIMEN


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