Why Claudia cheated on Marlon – 4 lessons

  * Claudia and Marlon are fictitious names, but the story is real.   Claudia was hardworking, independent, ambitious and outgoing. She knew what she wanted. If she went after something, she’d get it. She made friends easily. She exuded life. She was married to Marlon for eight years. He was the opposite of her […]


Acute Excusitis: symptoms and cure

  Excusitis is a contagious disease that manifests in the infected person with excuses for everything in life. It is usually brought on by the “tisnot myfaultis” virus, occuring in the majority of the population. Acute excusitis is characterized by frequent justifications by the patient over something that did not or will not work. Other symptoms include: […]


Righteous anger

  The other day, I posted this on my Facebook: “You can accomplish more in a day of righteous anger than in a year of passivity.” And many have asked, “What is righteous anger?” Apparently, it’s not as obvious as I thought. You know what the words ‘righteous’ and ‘anger’ mean. Maybe you’ve never seen […]


A myth that hinders singles

  There is a myth going around among singles. It says that there is almost nobody single, that most people who are “good for marriage” are already married. The truth is quite different from that. In the U.S. for example, the number of singles over 16 years old is around 124.6 million, which makes up […]


How to get 30 hours in a day

  There was a time when I fantasized about applying to Heaven for an extension of the 24 hours of the day. With so much to do, I dreamed of a day with 25, 27 or even 30 hours. And I imagined how much more I could do with those extra hours. But this fantasy […]


Do you know your weakness?

  You are not Superman, but even he has a weak point: kryptonite. However much of a superman or superwoman you might be, there is a part of you that is weak. Another name we can give to this is Achilles Heel, an expression that comes from Greek mythology. Achilles was an invincible hero that […]


Eliminating stress in 7 steps

  Identify the first thing that pressurizes you most at the moment. Identify your second and third biggest concerns. Write these three things somewhere. Under each one, write down everything you can do to solve them. Check what you are already doing and what still needs to be done. Do what needs to be done. […]


Talking about what you know nothing about

  The greatest ignorance is to criticize something you know nothing about. The world is full of ignorant people disguised as wise. Conceited critics on duty, they stand on their ignorance podiums, ready to point fingers and argue their point of view. They forget that a point of view is just that. I only mention […]


Learning to say “no”

  It is a short word that many are not able to say and others do not accept to hear: “No, I can’t work late today because I promised my wife we’d celebrate our anniversary.” “No, I can’t take on this project because of my commitment to the current ones.” “No, I do not want this […]


As I have thought, so it shall come to pass

  “Surely, as I have thought, so it shall come to pass,
and as I have purposed, so it shall stand.” Isaiah 14:24 “As I have thought, so it shall come to pass” is more than a promise. It shows how God works. If what He thinks happens, then He does not think about what is […]