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  1. Lilly Valletti 692 days ago

    Bp Renato,

    How nice to see the version of your Ptg. website is now the same in Eng. as well as Spa. :)


  2. messages are very strong,i want to stay connected,ty

  3. viliami leuta 655 days ago

    good morning bishop if its not to much trouble id like to receive weekly mesages that can help build my faith and stay strong please. . .thanks for your time. . .god bless you more. . .

  4. cettina montanaro 575 days ago

    Bishop..we love u.c.k.g. church..we got to know about it in 2007 when me and my husband got married & went to u.k. for our honeymoon. Is it possible to have a u.c.k.g. help centre in Malta? Please where can we write you..or can we arite you from here? We invited Pastor Pedro Nunes from Sicily this week and we held a service in Malta for the very first time. We had 21 people come in..We went out all week distributing the materials they sent us from U.K. We got a very good response. We are serious with God and are praying for a godly leadership as we believe in having the right spiritual covering..we,v been praying for 3/4 years now and THIS IS IT..Please help us open U.C.K.G. centre in MALTA, Europe. Thank you, Godbless you.

  5. Dear Bishop , May God bless u more in His holy mission(Saving souls) because I’m learning a lot from your blogs and I becoming the Best of me each day with every message you share. Thank you

  6. nkosinaty 475 days ago

    m ready

  7. Bishop im a young men in universal church in pretoria mamelodi i want to serve god on the altar all my life so i want u to teach me as a man of god hw to be a different assintant not to b e like other assissntant but be different man of god

  8. Dear Bishop I want to serve God on the Altar i want to be his servant and share his love, I want to be used by God and follow the lord Jesus,Everytime i walk along the streets and see people doing thier own things whitch are far away from Obeying the word of God and I have this thing inside of me that if could see everyone doing what is right Obeying the word of God,so Bishop I need to know what to do what God wants and serve him on the Altar.

    Thank you Bishop

  9. gebhard nangolo 388 days ago

    bishop for how long a believer should date before getting marriage?

    • There is no specific time period. There are a lot of factors that would have to be weighed by yourself and your partner. For more guidance on the subject find the UCKG nearest you and speak to the Pastor.

  10. Paul Mbongwe 375 days ago

    I want to stay connected.

  11. molebatsi 360 days ago

    all of them need faithfulness and humbleness.

  12. molebatsi 360 days ago

    An example of a lampstand.It brings light and remove the darkness for everyone to see needs to be filled with oil continuously.

  13. Nthofela Setloboko 325 days ago

    bishop ihave oneandhalf @universal I want to protect my salvation need character of God how could live been wise to the temptations of devil

  14. Pvc stolarija 293 days ago

    Very educational site !
    Good job! I like
    Stay blessed!

  15. Divine Grace Caballero 249 days ago

    Hello Bishop!

    I just wanted to ask where can I send a message? I just need some advices.. Thank you so much :)

  16. I want to sty connected…to also serve GOD on the altar

  17. Hi Bishop Renato nice day!
    I want to ask you for help …
    dating 3 years and I’m engaged to three months he was a very important person to me because he took me to church (UCKG), he was my first and only boyfriend and him and I lost my virginity ñ we get more wrong before of God because one year ago I struggled to finish it in the UCKG and hj are engaged, and the problem I’m sure teho q God separated us why!
    what I do because I feel guilty and think q God will tear us apart again: (!!!
    help me!

  18. oi Bispo Renato bom dia!!!
    Quero lhe pedir uma ajuda,namoro a 3 anos e estou noiva a 3 meses ele e uma pessoa muito importante pra mim pois ele me trouxe ate igreja (IURD)ele e meu primeiro namorado com ele perdi minha virgindade nos não queremos mais ficar errados diante de Deus pois a 1 ano atras nos terminammos e tenhio certeza de que isso ocorreu por esse fato,o que faco pois me sinto culpada e penso que Deus ira nos separar de novo por isso!!!

  19. Ola Bispo Renato,estou noiva a 3 meses e namoro a3 anos ele é meu primeiro namorado mas foi com ele q perdi minha virgindade…Vivo constantemente na obra de Deus e nos queremos parar de cometer esse pecado pois me sinto com a conciencia pesada diante de Deus,uma vez nos terminamos e tenho certeza q a razao seria pela qual Deus nao se agradava disso hj queremos nos casar e viver felizes,sem pecado pois para tudo dar certo temos que fazer tudo certo,mas o que eu faco pois penso que Deus vai nos separar de novo??!!??

  20. HI!!!

  21. molebatsi 150 days ago

    Thank U very much bishop for the website n messages U send for me.They are inspiring and mould me to a level that God wanted us to be.I thank God for technology that enables His word to be spread all over the world. God bless.

  22. Thembakako Nyekanyeka 85 days ago

    can some one please invite me to Planet Universal please. May GOD bless and be with you all

  23. Lunga Jiyane 82 days ago

    hi Bp and everyone, id like to be connected and mostly how do i join intellimen,coz iv been struggling for to long

  24. Alex Moses Apita 17 days ago

    would like to join this group

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