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Challenge #6


 Don’t start before completing Challenge #5.
If you want to join the IntelliMen project, start from Challenge #1.


Challenge: Review what you learned in the first 5 challenges, and share the IntelliMen Project with someone who has not yet joined and encourage him to participate.

Explanation: It’s been a month since the project began, and it is the perfect time to review and re-evaluate what you’ve learned so far. Our mind tends to forget things easily, so we need to review the results of the challenges up to this point. The first part of this challenge is to go back to Challenge #1 and review what you’ve done. How satisfied are you with the results, and what you’ve learned? For example, the first challenge was to choose an Official Partner. Review how this choice has worked so far. Are you happy with your partner’s performance, enthusiasm, and participation? Has he delayed you or helped you? Does he need to be replaced by someone more interested? Also, what kind of Partner have you been? Can you improve? Others may be saying “I couldn’t find an Official Partner,” and so they gave up searching and are trying to do the challenges without a Partner (I don’t know how). What does giving up say about you? (By the way, this is a point that we must insist on. The Intellimen Project must be done with a partner, otherwise it doesn’t count.)

Does this help to give you an idea of how to review the past month? Great, so go ahead and review what you’ve done in Challenge #2, then #3 , etc.

Are you keeping up with the 3 things you decided to improve about yourself in the second challenge? What about that list in the 3rd, how about taking another look at it (perhaps this will be the most pleasant review)? Keep on doing this until you reach the last challenge, #5.

How is your Notebook going? If you haven’t notice, your notebook will be an immeasurable treasure by the time a year rolls around. Use it and go through it regularly.

The second part of this challenge is for you to tell another man what a positive influence this project has had on you. If the IntelliMen Project has helped you, why would you keep it to yourself? So think of someone, at least one man (more if you want) that you know will benefit from this project. Tell him about the Project, explain how it works, and motivate him to begin.

Whether or not he joins is up to him. The decision is his. Your part, your challenge, is to explanation the project well, show enthusiasm, and explain why you are sure it would help him. Don’t pressure him, offer him help! If he’s interested, send him the Manifesto link, which will explain more and help him start from the beginning. (This doesn’t mean that he will be your partner too; he’ll have to find his own Official Partner in order to participate.)

Official Partner: Have a conversation with your Partner about what he thinks of the Project so far. Ask him for feedback about yourself, how satisfied is he with you as his partner, and give him your feedback as well.

Deadline:  You can begin this challenge immediately and complete it before Challenge #7.

Post: After – and only after – you have completed the challenge, post a comment about which challenge helped you the most so far. Post it on the IntelliMenWorld Facebook or Twitter page, (not on your own page) and write the following:

IntelliMen Challenge #6 done: So far, the challenge that has helped me most is… (add your commentary)

Links: (when tweeting, use @intelliMenworld)

Verification Checklist

I reviewed the first 5 challenges
I spoke about the IntelliMen Project to at least one other person
I gave and received my Partner’s feedback
I posted it on Facebook / Twitter

P.S. Just for fun


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23 Responses to “IntelliMen Challenge #6”

  1. saki mtoti 533 days ago

    Hi Bp,can i share this challenge with any man even if is not a member of our church?

  2. IntelliMen Challenge 6# done: I reviewed all the 5challenges and what called my attention in all of them was the number 3 challenge that lead me on funding out about my best Qualities.

  3. IntelliMen Challenge6#: So far,the challenge that has helped me most is challenge#2 because I can be better by accepting my shortcomings and be humble enough to accept the change to take place in me.

  4. Hi everyone I’m still behind as i’m finished with challenge #1, i’m still working on #2, about three things to improve in me.

    1. Grow spiritually,- that i have improved alot i read my Bible and pray everyday which i’ve never done before.

    2. Save money on spending,- this one is in process and i see little change, because when i have money i don’t buy unnecessary things that i don’t need.

    3. Eating habits and exersize,- To be honest i haven’t started with this one its very hard being used to eat 4times a day and all of a suden eat once a day, its very hard.

    If you can Bishop or other fellow friends i need an advice on number 3 i’ll be greatfull.

  5. intellimen challenge #6 DONE: i reviewed all the 5 challenges so far and what helped the most is the challenge #5 that made me more stronger and intelligent man and i spoke about the intellimen project to one of my friend hope he will touch his heart too,and thanks god i have a very good partner.

  6. TyelovesGod nana 524 days ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #6 done:So far I’ve learnt to become a better son and my relationship with God has improved a lot and also im more organized.I have learnt that being with God is more important than anything in the world so we have to treasure it and stay with God because we never know when our time will come to an end and the man up videos where amazing because i have learnt to be a better man. Thank u Bp always inspiring us.

  7. ike moeng 521 days ago

    Challenge 6 done, so far what helped me most was challenge 5, basically how to be a man of character which is the whole point for the Intellimen movement.
    To be a warrior spiritually and mentally not just physically as the world portrays a modern man as well as to respect and value family and leadership skills (challenges 2, 3, 4, and 5). First challenge reminded me of my pact with God to care for souls and my partner and I are fighting to help him overcome.

  8. robert dixon 508 days ago

    challenge #6 completed summary of challenge#1
    Starting this project has been challenging from the word go would like to spend more time with my intellimen partner kieth to dicuss certain topics but over all am proud tobe apart of intellimen thanks.
    Summary of challenge#2
    Identifying three things to work on to improve my life every day life got me started thinking about other things. which is a good thing because it challenges me tobe a better individual on ways to improve more and more each day.
    Summary of challenge#3
    This challenge involved finding 10 qualities that i may pocess i had my family help me with this one as i find it hard to compliment myself on qualities that i may have.
    Summary of challenge#4
    This has also been challenging with work and all but with my wifes bithday comming up makes it a great oppurtunity to complete this task and also bringing us closer together thank you.
    Summary of challenge #5
    Doing this challenge has made me look at myself in depth realising who and what i am from the 5points made through the clips showed on challenge #5 on being a male or being a man

  9. Mawethu Gumle 482 days ago

    IntelliMen Challenge 6# done: So far, the challenge that has helped me alot is challenge 2#, because each and everyday I’m improving.

  10. IntelligentMen”3 done
    what i learned so far from the challenge 1 to 5
    my partener speaks french its hard for him becouse to keep up with the challenge.
    2″i also liked challenge”2 becouse its helped me to know my qaulities.well i believe that as time goes by I Have a lot to learn.

  11. i have learned since 1.challenge to 5. i should pratice what i learned,i m glad because this challeged they tought humble good my family thanks for this challeges.

  12. 1. i spend time with pathner shearing the word of GOD peeople.2i pray together with my pathner.3i invite my pathner to lunch together.4i teach my pather to be a man of GOD.5we visit prisoners and pray for them also teaching them the word of GOD.6i listen also to my pathner to see if inproves it what i teach him.7he improves in many things my happy for that.8as man how to be faithful and humble before authorities of GOD.9to love the truth and hate lies.10i remember man of GOD who teach me how be man.11love the work of GOD.

  13. Abel j chauke 349 days ago

    Challenge #6 done
    the challenge 2# helped me a lot to change my character.

  14. offinias J. kasalu 304 days ago

    I try to speak to my friend about the intellimen, all they are not helping, I end up going on with project alone without partner. The challenges so far help me a lot; in all direction of my life. So I am looking forward to learn more from it.

  15. patrick maimela 274 days ago

    It was a blessing done challenge 6# challenge 3 was the great challenge cause I had to spot my best qualities not my negative ones that put you down and clips I watched that shows you that to be man it has to be by being responsible

  16. In challenge 1 i have learned how 2 improve my qualities , and my partner was not series so decide 2 change him and look another partner.

  17. chalenge#6 done i have lernt hw to b responseble as a man and to stand for wat i want in life and to eat health and hw to behave and what to do wen i want to save

  18. Phemelo 80 days ago

    Intelliman challenge #6 Done up to so far (challenge #3) helped me a lot no more junk food i spend my money on important stuffs

  19. Tshepo Poto 74 days ago

    IntelliMen challenge 6 Done. I took time in this challenge to review the previous 5 challenges as reminder to apply myself more and improve on my strengths and qualities. This challenge was very help towards helping me to continue once more the IntelliMen challenge.

  20. Intellimen challenge #6 done:Being a member of intelligent men has been an inspiring project.
    Challenge #1 look up:The first challenge I had was to find a right buddy,I found him and we are working together and all is fine.
    Challenge #2:this challenge realy helped me in terms of balancing food.
    Challenge #3:it helped me to see what kind of a person am and to discover my qualities and to improve them.
    Challenge #4:this worked when I was given an opportunity at my school to take the pupils for annual games so acted as a matron.
    Challenge #5:being a man I realised that I have responsibilities to do at home,at work place and at church,this is so far I have learnt and believe it will change my life once and for all,I even introduces my friend to join the intellimen and am still inviting more to jjoin.thank you bishop for this,am blessed.

  21. MELVIN ADAMS 37 days ago

    CHALLENGE #6:DONE! So far,the challenge that help me the most is challenge 2.This challenge help me to improve in my spiritual life,to improve my relationship with my wife and in my health life to live more healthy exercise more and to eat more healthy.These three points is very important,to be a good servant of GOD!!!

  22. dennis chasaya 28 days ago

    Challenge#6 done. basically what l have learnt from all the challenges is that l must be man with principals,character ,responsible,a man of one wife.

  23. #6 Done…first Of All Intellimen its A Project to Improve in your Life style,Surroundings,etc it Helped a Lot i Found A Great buddy but Now he Is Nowhere to be Found…Now Im Able To Speak To any one Im no Longer Shy I Have Been Always An Exercising Guy im A YPG im strong and All The challenges Helped me im Sure At the End i Will Be A Intelligent Man

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