The Bulletproof Marriage Movement

  Bulletproof Marriage is no longer just a book, course, audiobook or souvenir. It has become a movement, a way of thinking and conducting your marriage; not just something you read, come to a momentary conclusion then move on to the next big thing. It has become something that changes the way you look at the world and your love relationship; it makes you think more about your […]


If men and women understand this, they’ll never treat each other the same way again

  If something made you cry when you were a child, your experience was probably a little something like this: If you were a boy: you would cry, then go to your mom or dad for some comfort, and would hear something along the lines of: “Stop crying! You’re a man! Men don’t cry. Stop […]


The Doctrines of Fifty Shades of Grey

  Cristiane and I have been alerting people regarding the need to bulletproof our love life against the rubbish of this world. During this endeavor, we feel it’s our duty to caution our friends and readers about the next attack of evil against marriage: the movie “50 Shades of Grey”. Now, I would also like you to […]


Five lessons from an unpretentious post

  Yesterday, I posted this inspirational quote on my Facebook page, as I usually do every day at 8am: “You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people that you do.” – Tom, a friend of Anne Lamott. Update: Ok, judging by the […]


Singles: choose yourselves

  You probably remember the time in school when everyone got together to form a sports team. Two team leaders would take turns picking the players. One would say “So-and-so, come”, then the other one would say “I chose So-and-so”; everyone expecting to be among the chosen ones.  Obviously, the best players would be chosen […]


When a couple is no longer talking to each other

  When a couple goes into the “we’re not talking to each other” mode, it is because they’ve spent too much time in the “we’re not listening to each other” mode. Who wants to talk to someone who does not listen? Everybody wants to be right, and everyone wants to be heard. The truth is […]


Weak love vs. Strong love – which one is yours?

  I do not know if you have ever fainted or felt that your physical strength had left you. I have. Those were not good experiences. You get physically weak, lose your visual perception, and fall to the ground… it feels like you are going to die. Why? Because you are void of any strength. As the physical energy and muscles are for […]


Why Claudia cheated on Marlon – 4 lessons

  * Claudia and Marlon are fictitious names, but the story is real.   Claudia was hardworking, independent, ambitious and outgoing. She knew what she wanted. If she went after something, she’d get it. She made friends easily. She exuded life. She was married to Marlon for eight years. He was the opposite of her […]


A myth that hinders singles

  There is a myth going around among singles. It says that there is almost nobody single, that most people who are “good for marriage” are already married. The truth is quite different from that. In the U.S. for example, the number of singles over 16 years old is around 124.6 million, which makes up […]


Learning to say “no”

  It is a short word that many are not able to say and others do not accept to hear: “No, I can’t work late today because I promised my wife we’d celebrate our anniversary.” “No, I can’t take on this project because of my commitment to the current ones.” “No, I do not want this […]