What I did so my husband would stop drinking

  We received this very interesting narrative from Leila, where she tells us her story: First of all, I would like to thank you for your insatiable dedication to helping families.  Unhappiness in the home is the thing that most derails someone’s life. Secondly, I came to give a testimony of what happened in my [...]


Learn how to rebuild yourself



Alone just doesn’t work!

  Someone made a comment after yesterday’s post which called my attention: “I try to do what you say in the book and in the programs, but when you’re the only one fighting and the other person doesn’t lift a finger, it’s hard!” So you just give up because it’s hard? Okay. One thing’s for [...]


The 36th reason

  A year ago I wrote the 35 reasons why I love The UCKG. If you haven’t read it, read it here. Today, I want to add one more reason. We completed 36 years of existence, and I want to tell you why I am Universal. It’s open every day, but it’s not for everyone. [...]


What do they think of me

  What people think of you is not what’s important; it’s what you think of them that’s important. You will never have control over what people think. They are free to develop whatever thought that comes to mind which pleases them. To worry with the opinion of others in regards to you, said or not, [...]


Audacity for what’s evil

  Days ago a woman was raped inside a moving bus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The abuse lasted 40 minutes as the animal terrorized the passengers and motorist, threatening to kill them in case someone did anything or she didn’t submit to his demands. There seems to be no limit to evil. Every day, [...]


Every day, no exceptions

  Last part of the series, “How to define a vision for your life.”  Read the first part here. Now that you have defined the four things that will contribute in making your vision come true, you are ready to begin. Simply having completed the three tasks up to now it should have made you [...]


Traveling into the future

  Part two of the series “How to define a vision for your life.” Read the first part here. Now you’re going to travel into the future. You choose the date, whether it’s a year from now, eighteen months. Two years. Five. You decide. If you’ve never done this I suggest you start with a [...]


The three masons

  It’s said that in the Middle Ages, three stonemasons were working hard on a construction site, below the hot sun, when a visitor arrived and asked what they were doing. The first mason, working hard with sweat running down his forehead, said complaining: “I’m cutting this rock.” The second mason, although less annoyed, answered [...]


Vision dictates behavior

  The human brain works primarily through vision – whether that’s what your eyes see, what your mind remembers, or what your imagination ponders. Give your brain an image and it will use all its might to seize it. When your stomach realizes that it’s hungry, your brain brings to memory the image of food [...]