First things first

  In a world of so many responsibilities, so many things to do, so many distractions, how do we decide what to do? We all have instinct, an inner voice that is almost always directing us to do what is most important at any given time. I don’t know the exact name for this. It […]


What does it mean to have character?

  What does it mean to have character? It’s to do the right thing even when no one is looking. It’s doing the right thing even when you know no one will find out it was you who did it. Many believe, the right definition is to be a go-getter, to do whatever it takes […]


Stupidity doesn’t praise God

  Even back in first grade Science class I learned that human beings are the only rational animals—After all, it’s one of the characteristics that distinguishes us from the other animals. Your intelligence allows you to accomplish things that no other creature can. Through the Word of God I also learned that intelligence together with […]


Shy and all over the place

  A person who’s shy and ties themselves into knots (all over the place) will never be able to lead, but only be led. And who knows, they may even mess that up. There, I said it.  


How to spice up your relationship

  When you have expectations in mind but in reality something else happens, you’re going to end up getting frustrated. Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the biggest frustrations amongst couples. One of the main reasons for these frustrations are the very expectations that misinformed couples have in regards to their sex life. The majority of […]


When strength won’t do

  Sometimes you won’t get what you want by force: being stubborn, imposing  your will on others, demanding respect, making a scene when they don’t do what you want…  There are moments, yes, when the use of force and authority, for those who have it, is the only option. But before getting to that point, […]


Up next: Scenes from the rest of your life

  [This post started here. But there’s some who say it started here.] Everyone has a story. And as life goes on, we create our story through decisions, choices and attitudes. Just as an actor in a movie, we have to continue fulfilling the role we took on. I’m not only talking about your story […]


The happiest person in the world. Starring: YOU

  What’s the process to create a successful film? First of all, there needs to be a captivating story, dramatic and inspiring. Then the writer has to put the story on paper. This writer or playwright is the one who will bring the story to life in the mind of directors, producers, the cast, and […]


The story you tell yourself

  A way that we make sense of things is from hearing and telling stories. We get a better understanding of the world around us, people, things, events, and even ourselves, all through stories. The stories parents tell, bosses tell, your spouse tell to explain their love, and the stories God himself tells to teach […]


The Smart Woman

  The Bible say’s that an intelligent woman makes her family happy. Or if you prefer, the traditional version, the wise woman builds up her household. It’s a big declaration. What a responsibility. What power. Why not man? A man may understand everything about building a house out of bricks and cement. He deals well […]